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Held the first three weeks of each month

Mondays 7pm Pacific

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Calm & Confident Club
for Parents is for you...

The Calm and Confident Club is a virtual coaching group for parents who are ready to let go of the power struggles, chaos, and self-doubt and embrace parenting in a calm and confident manner.

In this online coaching group, Coco and Vicky will guide you through proven coaching techniques and introduce you to Ross Greene's Collaborative & Proactive Solutions Approach.

You will develop the skills you need to be "The Best Parents Ever!"

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  • Tired of fighting with your kids
  • Overwhelmed by the big emotions
  • Embarrassed around others
  • Worried that others will judge you
  • Fearful things will never change
  • At your wit's end and in desperate need of help
  • Anxious about your kid's future
  • Dreading the next explosion
  • Frustrated by the daily battles
  • No one really understands
  • Isolated and lonely
  • Confused, not sure what to do next?

Calm & Confident Club
for Parents

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about us...

Hi, we are Coco Stanback & Vicky Bergem. We LOVE kids and LOVE being MOMS. We know what it feels like to struggle with ADHD and parent children with ADHD, our dreams of what life would look like got derailed. We felt isolated and alone, and we were stuck in a vicious cycle of nagging, yelling and screaming.

We tried multiple “parenting methods” that resulted in frustration and endless meltdowns. The “traditional” approach to parenting was not working with our kids - in fact, it made things WORSE! After trying “everything under the sun” we found ADHD coaching. We have spent years putting into place the parenting techniques and approaches that worked for our kids. These strategies helped us (and hundreds of others) stop parenting from a place of fear and frustration and instead created in us the ability to parent with calm and confidence. 

Our struggle was so painful that we want to make the road easier for others on a similar path. We believe the “coach approach” to parenting is the answer.

Coco Stanback

Vicky Bergem

Parenting was never meant to be done alone and you don’t need to feel discouraged and defeated (like we did). That is why we’ve created the Calm and Confident Club for Parents where you will find connection and collaboration. It’s a place to meet parents just like you, honest, real, and ready for change.

If you’ve tried everything and are still disconnected from your child, let us show you how to stop the daily battles and meltdowns and learn to communicate calmly so that you can have the relationship you desire.

Give yourself the opportunity to prove to yourself that you have what it takes to be the “best parent ever.” Design how you want to show up for your kids and start taking the steps to get you closer to that goal.

In this online Calm and Confident Club for Parents, you will get live support throughout the month and learn essential skills to parent your children confidently. As a BONUS, you will have the opportunity to connect with us and other parents like you in our private Facebook group. 

Our clients love us

"Working with Coco has finally brought some peace to our home, now we listen, empathize, and work towards solutions together as a family."

- Katie (CA)

"After the easiest most peaceful morning ever, I sobbed tears of relief, joy & hope. Thank you!"

- Julie (CA)

"I now feel empowered with a new set of skills to navigate the challenges in order to comfort and support my teen. Coco's help has been invaluable to me."

- MC (CA)


You will develop the skills you need to be:

"The Best Parents Ever"


  • Reduce Stress
  • Repair Relationships
  • Restore Balance
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Group Coaching provides encouragement, support, inspiration, and accountability.

Don't go it alone.

Meet parents that really understand your daily battles, challenges, and struggles. Don't sit home alone with no one to talk to. Join us and other parents like you...


FREE Private Chat Group
(connect with us throughout the week)

As a BONUS you will have the opportunity to connect with us and other parents like you in our private chat group. Imagine having direct access to us throughout the week. We will be popping in and out answering questions, sharing resources, and cheering you on.

Calm & Confident Club
for Parents

The Calm and Confident Club Is...

An online program for parents who are ready to go from frazzled and frustrated to calm and confident. We will guide you through powerful coaching exercises that we use (and have perfected) through decades of working directly with parents like you.

You will develop essential skills every parent needs to improve communication, handle conflict with confidence, and maintain a strong connection with your kids.

Start building a happier more peaceful home!


3 Pillars

We base our program on three proven pillars that
guide you through any parenting challenge.


Constant chaos and conflict with your child creates disconnection and wears you down. This shatters your self confidence leaving you frazzled and frustrated. Imagine a loving relationship where you enjoy a deep and meaningful connection creating fun memories together.


Communication is so much more than just talking. It’s listening and practicing empathy to truly understand the other person’s experience. In the Calm and Confident Club, you will learn the skills you need to communicate in a clear, calm and constructive way.



In order to parent successfully through all the stages, building and maintaining a collaborative relationship is key. In the Calm and Confident Club, you will learn life-changing tips and strategies to resolve conflict. Parenting is less stressful and more enjoyable when you work as a team.

What You'll Learn

In this group, you will learn how to parent in a calm, confident manner overcoming the challenges life throws at you. You will learn how to communicate in a way that your kids not only listen but participate in the conversation, teaching them skills that will last a lifetime. You will be amazed at how the smallest changes can make the biggest differences. We will share with you our secrets to...

Create Calm

You will learn how to stay calm in the toughest of situations and create a peaceful environment at home.

Be Confident

With support and our tried and tested strategies, you can stop questioning your parenting techniques and transform into a confident parent that children listen to.

Overcome Challenges

You will learn how to manage your triggers, reduce the stress and decrease the challenges using our compassionate, collaborative parenting techniques.

Who should join the

Calm & Confident Club for Parents?

The Calm & Confident Club is exclusively for parents and teaches a coach approach to parenting. You will increase your communication skills, build consistency, and restore balance. We will teach you how to calm and confidently guide your child.

The Calm & Confident Club for parents is for you if you…

  • Need support in your parenting
  • Want a great relationship with your child
  • Have a child with complex issues
  • Are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start
  • Are feeling lost and hopeless
  • Want to stop yelling and nagging your child

And you…

  • Are ready and able to focus on building your parenting skills.
  • Are ready for new ideas and outside help to change how you parent.
  • Are ready to take action.
  • Are ready to participate in a supportive, group setting.

The Calm & Confident Club for parents is not…

  • Emotional or Behavioral Therapy. This program is NOT a replacement for therapy or counseling.
  • Marriage Counseling. This program is not a substitute for marriage counseling. However, building stronger parenting skills can reduce marital strife
  • For parents wanting a quick-fix.

What You Get

  • Weekly Skills Training with Coaching. 
    Live 60-minute, virtual (Zoom) training and coaching session each week. You will learn essential parenting skills. It’s interactive to help you stay engaged. Time reserved to get coaching on your personal situation.
  • Q&A and Discussion. Have a question? Each weekly training session includes time for you to ask questions, troubleshoot day-to-day challenges, and discuss key points.
  • Recordings of Each Session. Available shortly after the coaching call so you don't miss anything or want to listen again.
  • Members-Only Site. Get access to any guidebooks, call recordings, and resources.
  • Built-In Accountability and Support. The opportunity to connect and collaborate with a community of parents whose parenting journey is similar to your own in our Private Facebook Group.
  • Complete Confidentiality and Safety. Learn and build parenting skills in a safe and respectful community. What happens in the Calm & Confident Club stays in the Calm & Confident Club.
  • Eligible to apply for discounted monthly private coaching sessions with Coco and/or Vicky...

Weekly Call Schedule

Held the first three weeks of each month

Mondays 7pm Pacific

Calm & Confident Club
for Parents

Become a member now!


Membership includes:

  • 12 months of access to the Monday Coaching Sessions.
  • Zoom access to the live 60-minute Monday Training Calls with Q&A, coaching, and discussion.
  • Recordings of each session for you to listen to again.
  • Membership site access to the training call materials and recordings.
  • Plus, the Calm & Confident Club for Parents - Group Coaching Community Facebook page.




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